yielding ground


Stephanie movall arbeitet im September als artist-in-residence auf Sizilien. Danke an Villa R! In der Residency und in der Umgebung wird in der Arbeit neither ground nor mobile. neither ground nor acre. betrachtet, was zuvor auf dem Betonboden im Atelier begann. Am 16. und 17November ist das Projekt anhand von Fotografien auf der PLATFORM zu sehen. Durch zwei act-beings vor Ort wird es weitergeführt.

„Neither ground nor mobile. neither ground nor acre. began at my studio in Munich. My guests and I often work on the hard ground of the studio and the galleries. Our body moves on unrelenting concrete. So I was curious to touch another ground – at different places in Sicily: the wooden lumbers of ship at the studio, the digged earth – the acre, the arenaceous rock on the cost, …

Starting my project there was a second subject: Everywhere we go, both in the city and in the ’nature‘, we take our mobiles with us – the mobile accompanies us. Thus in the performance-/photo-session, too.

Human being produces yielding ground.

September 2019